5th ROSE Workshop - Transparencies online


Session 1:   Overview of the ROSE project
Summary of the 3rd ROSE STATUS REPORT
Michael Moll, CERN (pdf-file, 2087KB)
Session 4:  Macroscopic Measurements of Detectors
Irradiation tests on standard and oxygenated ROSE diodes produced by STMicroelectronics and Sintef
Michael Moll, E.Fretwurst, M.Glaser, G.Lindstroem, A.Ruzin, J.Wuestenfeld (ps-file, 7785KB)
Irradiation test of Silicon detectors with 7-10 MeV protons
D.Bechevet(a), M.Glaser(b), A.Houdayer(a), C.Lebel(a), C.Leroy(a),F.Marullo(a), Michael Moll (b),P.Roy(a)
(a) Universite de Montreal, Canada   (b) CERN
(pdf-file,213KB)  (ps-file,1171KB)
Session 5: Radiation Facilities, NIEL, The Proton-Neutron Puzzle
An attempt to simulate NIEL and defect formation in hadron irradiated silicon
Mika Huhtinen, CERN (ps-file, 464KB)
Session 6: Microscopic Analysis and Device Modeling
Microscopic studies on various silicon materials irradiated with high energy particles.
M. Kuhnke, E.Fretwurst, G.Lindstroem, University of  Hamburg, Germany (ps-file,189KB)
Can cluster physics shed some light on the puzzles of our experimental findings with energetic particles?
K.Zankel, CERN-EP  (abstract) (pdf-file,355KB)


   5th ROSE Workshop on Radiation Hardening of Silicon Detectors,
CERN, 16-17 March 2000.  
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