RD48 Technical Reports

What are ROSE Technical Notes ?

The ROSE Technical Notes are on the one hand thought to be:
1) a platform for exchange of technical information within the collaboration, and on the other hand
2) a forum for making available RD48 related papers prior to publication (preprints)

How to cite ROSE Technical Notes ?

In case
1) I would suggest to cite them just as ROSE/TN/xx-xx on http://cern.ch/rd48
and in case
2) as follows:
Author X, Author Y, Paper submitted to XXXX (or paper presented on Conference XXXX);
preprint available as ROSE/TN/xx-xx on http://cern.ch/rd48.


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ROSE/TN/97-2         (revised version 12/99)



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1996  - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003



    POSTSCRIPT FILE : rosetn992.ps

    "Synchrotron X-Ray Topography (SXRT) Studies of Silicon Wafers & MESA Diodes" Dr. Patrick J. McNally, MRL, Dublin City University, Ireland.


    POSTSCRIPT FILE : rosetn993.ps

    "TOSCA simulation of some effects observed in irradiated silicon detectors" Szymon Moszczynski , Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow,Poland.


    POSTSCRIPT FILE : rosetn994.ps

    "The radiation hardness of high resistivity neutron transmutation doping silicon" P. Litovchenko et al. , Kiev.


    POSTSCRIPT FILE : rosetn995.ps

    "Radiation effects in silicon detectors processed on carbon and oxygen rich substrates" A. Ruzin et al. ,Switzerland.


    POSTSCRIPT FILE : rosetn996.ps

    "Gate Controlled Diodes for Characterization of the Si-SiO2 Interface with Respect to Surface Effects of Silicon Detectors" C. Becker et al. , Dortmund University, Germany

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    PDF FILE : rosetn00-01.pdf

    "Silicon wafer oxygenation from SiO2 layers for radiation hard detectors"
    L. Fonseca,  M. Lozano, F. Campabadal, C. Martínez, M. Ullán, B. S. Avset, A. Ruzin, F. Lemeilleur, E. Nossarzewska-Orlowska (CNM, Sintef, CERN, ITME)


PS FILE : rosetn00-02.ps

"Notes on the fluence normalisation based on the NIEL scaling hypothesis"
Angela Vasilescu (Bucharest) and Gunnar Lindstroem (Hamburg University)

Nucl. Instr. & Meth. in Phys. Res. A 466 (2001) 308-326  (NIMA electronic version),
                   presented on the Hiroshima conference)

PS FILE (Text):      rosetn00-03b-paper.ps(727kB) zipped(108kB)
(Figures): rosetn00-03b-figures.ps(10595kB) zipped(1191kB)
(Tables): rosetn00-03b-tables.ps(43kB) 
PDF FILE (Text): rosetn00-03b-paper.pdf 90 KB
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Changes with respect to last version: changes.ps(293kB) zipped(46kB)

The previous versions can be found here.

"Radiation Hard Silicon Detectors- Developments by the RD48 (ROSE) Collaboration -"
The RD48 Collaboration (G.Lindstroem et al.).


PDF FILE : rosetn00-04.pdf (250 kB)

"Microscopic studies on various silicon materials irradiated with different high energetic particles"
M.Kuhnke, E.Fretwurst and G.Lindstroem (Universitaet Hamburg)


PS FILE : rosetn00-05.ps (2175 kB)     gz-file: rosetn00-05.ps.gz (939KB)

"Influence of Surface Damage on Highly Segmented Silicon Detectors"
C.Goessling, M.Peters, J.Wuestenfeld, R.Wunstorf (University of Dortmund)

ROSE/TN/2000-0Nucl. Instr. & Meth. in Phys. Res. A 465/1 (2001) 60-69  (NIMA electronic version)

PS FILE : rosetn00-06.ps (4822KB)    zipped: rosetn00-06.zip (382KB)

"Developments for Radiation Hard Silicon Detectors by Defect Engineering
- Results by the CERN RD48 (ROSE) Collaboration -"

The RD48 Collaboration (G.Lindstroem et al.).


ROSE/TN/2000-07   (accepted for publication in NIMA)

PS FILE : rosetn00-07.ps (198 KB) 

"Observation of an energy dependence of the radiation damage on standard and oxygenated silicon diodes by 16,21, and 27 MeV protons."
J.Wyss (INFN Sezione di Pisa), D.Bisello, A.Candlori, A.Kaminsky, D.Pantano (INFN Sezione die Padova).


PDF FILE: rosetn00-08.pdf (247 KB)

"Radiation damage of standard and oxygenated diodes by 16 MeV and 27 MeV protons" by D.Bisello, J. Wyss, A. Candelori, A. Kaminsky and D. Pantano. presented at the Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference in Lion (October 15-20, 2000)

ROSE/TN/2000-0published in NIM A477 (2002) 287-292

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Carrier Mobilities in Irradiated Silicon" T.J.Brodbeck, A.Chilingarov, T.Sloan (Lancaster University, UK), E.Fretwurst, M.Kuhnke, G.Lindstroem (University of Hamburg, Germany)
paper presented on the 5th Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors, London, 13-17.9.99

ROSE/TN/2000-10         (VERSION 1/14.12.2000)  now superseded by ROSE/TN/2002-02!

outdated:  Word file (28KB)    -- PS file (7KB) --- PDF file (58KB)

==> take a look at ROSE/TN/2002-02

"Recommendations for the corrections of the depletion voltage values extracted from the C-V measurements "
Alexander Chilingarov (Lancaster University)


1996  - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003


PDF file (265KB)

"Effective trapping time of electrons and holes in different silicon materials irradiated with neutrons, protons and pions "
G.Kramberger, V.Cindro, I.Mandic, M.Mikuz, M.Zavrtanik
(Jozef Stefan Institute and Department of Physics, University of Ljubljana)


PS file (1178 KB)

"Simulation of non-ionising energy loss and defect formation in silicon"
Mika Huhtinen (CERN, Switzerland), to be published in NIMA


PDF file (98 KB)

C. Da Via’and S. J. Watts (Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, UK), accepted for publication in NIMB.

ROSE/TN/2001-04  (published in NIMB Vol 186/1-4, pp 100-110)

Text: PDF file (39 KB)  Figures/Tables: PDF file (211 KB)

"Relation between microscopic defects and macroscopic changes in silicon detector properties after hadron irradiation"
M.Moll (CERN), E.Fretwurst, G.Lindström (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg,Germany),M.Kuhnke (Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom,) accepted for publication in NIMB.

ROSE/TN/2001-05  (published in NIMB vol.186 (1-4) pp.144-151)

 PS file (117 KB)    pdf-file

"Defect generation in crystalline silicon irradiated with high energy particles"
M.Kuhnke (Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom,), E.Fretwurst, G.Lindström (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg,Germany),accepted for publication in NIMB.

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ROSE/TN/2002-01  (published in NIMA 485 (2002) 140-145)

 PS file  pdf-file

"The annealing of interstitial carbon atoms in high resistivity n-type silicon after proton irradiation"
M.Kuhnke (Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom,), E.Fretwurst, G.Lindström (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg,Germany)

ROSE/TN/2002-02  (supersedes ROSE/TN/2000-10)
               (published in an abriged form in NIMA 492 (2002) 402-410)


"Study of the frequency and temperature dependence of the depletion voltage from CV measurements for irradiated Si detectors"
D.Campbell, A.Chilingarov, T.Sloan
Department of Physics, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YB, UK


ROSE/TN/2002-03   (published in IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 49 (5), pp.1-6, October 2002)

pdf-file ps-file

"The Long-Term Annealing of the Cluster Damage in High Resistivity n-Type Silicon"
Martin Kuhnke
M.Kuhnke (Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom)


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pdf-file ps-file

"Microscopic and Electrical Properties of Clustered Divacancies in n-Type Silicon"
Martin Kuhnke
M.Kuhnke (Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom)